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Our Staff

Our Staff


Ted Genenbacher: Ted began his career with Frese Ornamental Nursery in 1989.  Soon to marry Mike’s daughter, Sarah, he began working in the fields during February, a very cold day as he remembers it!   After working under Mike for 10 years in the wholesale division, he was then promoted to the landscaping division.  Ted’s contagious personality has won over many customers for the nursery.  His flair for the unique and creative touches has made his designs one of a kind!  You’ll also find Ted in the Garden Center many times showing his designs to his customers and identifying plants for his clients.  Now one of the owners, Ted’s 3 sons, Tad, Brad, and Andrew are all working in the nursery and landscape divisions of Frese Ornamental Nursery.  Because of Ted’s experience and expertise, our landscape division has expanded and continues to grow stronger each year!

Brad Genenbacher: As Ted’s son, Brad has become a key part of the landscape crews at Frese Ornamental Nursery.  Also working at the nursery since he was a kid, Brad began working full time after high school.  Brad takes care of the commercial and residential spraying and is an Illinois Commercial Applicator.  Very much like his Grandpa Mike, Brad is good at fabricating machinery and figuring out how to make things work better! Brad, and his wife Amanda, have three daughters Tinley, Reagan, and Londyn, and one son, Crew. 

Landscaping Crew

  • Skip Schoonover: 40 years
  • Branden Nebe: 3 years
  • Bruce Morrall: 2 years
  • Jordan Clingingsmith: 2 years
  • Dalton Newman: 2 years
  • Keegan Nebe: 2 years
  • Justis Wieprecht: 1 year
  • Other Seasonal Help

Garden Center

Katie Ippensen: As part of the family, Katie spent much of her time growing up in the fields of Frese Ornamental Nursery. Working with her Dad, Mike Maas, Katie was taught the importance of patience and hard work when growing quality trees and shrubs. After graduating from JWCC with an A.A.S. in Horticulture, Katie continued to grow within the business. She worked in the Wholesale Division of the nursery, which included the growing and caring of plants and coordinating shipments to nurseries and landscapers that purchased plant material. She also became an Illinois Certified Nursery Professional after successfully completing the requirements of the ICN Pro Exam of the Illinois Green Industry Association. Today Katie mostly works in the Garden Center and also takes care of the bookkeeping and payroll for the nursery.

Sarah Genenbacher: Also part of the family, Sarah has grown up at Frese Ornamental Nursery too. As a child, Sarah would accompany her Dad, Mike Maas, on landscaping jobs. Later, she worked alongside her sister, Katie, hoeing in the fields at Frese Ornamental Nursery. After marrying Ted Genenbacher and having 3 boys, all of who work here today, she has decided to come back to the nursery and offer her talents. A wonderful cook, Sarah provides lunch to the family every day and also works in the Garden Center. Her title of Marketing Director is well suited to her personality. She is constantly changing the interior of the Garden Center and always has new and unique products coming in! Thanks to Sarah, our customers can always enjoy a cool drink and homemade cookies in the afternoon!

Garden Center Crew

  • Nicole Sill: 17 years
  • Mary Jane Javaux: 2 years
  • Other Seasonal Help


Mike Maas: As the grower for Frese Ornamental Nursery for over 40 years, Mike can honestly say, he’s seen it all! Mike began working in the nursery as a teenager. His main job was caring for and digging plants out of the field to sell to other nurseries and for the retail garden center. He worked under Gerald Frese. In 1986, after owning and operating a landscaping business of his own, he bought into Frese Nursery and became the grower. He is now training his Grandson, Tad Genenbacher, to take over the wholesale and growing end of the business. Mike is also an Illinois Certified Nursery Professional and often does digging demonstrations for the local community college’s horticulture program. A hard worker with an entrepreneurial flair for business, Mike has successfully grown Frese Ornamental Nursery into what it is today. Now retired, Mike still enjoys coming to the nursery to see what is going on. 

Tad Genenbacher: As part of the 7th Generation, Tad plays a key role in the nursery production of trees and shrubs. Tad has been working at the nursery since he was a kid and began working full time after high school. His ability to lead and manage has given Tad a strong rapport with his fellow workers. Timing and weather are critical parts of Tad’s day and sometimes dictate what has to be done. Similar to farming, Tad has to set plans and make priorities but also has to remain flexible and remember Mother Nature is still in charge! Tad is also an Illinois Commercial Applicator. Tad and Deidre have 3 boys - Luke, Nash, and Miles. 

Andrew Genenbacher: Ted’s youngest, but tallest son, standing at 6′ 5″, has worked in the nursery since he was a child. After graduating in 2015, Andrew joined the Army Reserves where he is stationed here locally with the 310 Transportation Unit. This has allowed Andrew to work full time here in the nursery. Andrew has a “floating” position and helps out wherever it is needed, allowing him to learn all aspects of the business. Andrew is also a volunteer firefighter for the Central Adams Fire Department and has his own Farm Fresh Eggs business. Andrew married Nicole Henning in October 2018 and they have two beautiful daughters, Ruth and Eleanor.

Nursery Crew

  • Bob Elliott: 17 years
  • Other seasonal help